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January 1, 2018 | Comments Off on info

All Natural Dreadlocks…No Chemicals,
No Wax, No Cotton, No Elastic Bands, No Glues, No Pain!


Services We Offer:

  • Creating Dreads
  • Repairing Dreads
  • Rounding Off Ends
  • Root Tightening
  • Removing Synthetic Hair/Dreads
  • Removing Wax and Cotton
  • 100% Human Hair Dread Extensions
  • Dread Surgery
  • Hair Wraps, Accessories, Shampoo & Oils

Creating Dreads:

Your hair needs to be at least 6 inches long to create dreads. The price all depends on hair length, quantity and size of dreads you’d like. An average, full head of shoulder length hair will take anywhere from 4-6 hours.


The prices all depend on what you need done. eg: Roots/Re-growth, Separating Dreads, Tightening Stems, Closing Ends, Removing Cotton, Attaching Dreads. Maintaining an average full head of shoulder length hair can take anywhere between 2-5 hours.

Some More Info…

The BEST thing about ‘Natural Knots’ is you stay clear from all them NASTY products, which attract dirt and other foreign objects that will make your dreads smell and look bad! Even MORE importantly all them Chemicals and Perming Solutions that break down the Cross Bonds within the hair shaft and risk destroying the most important link in the hair shaft, the Polypeptide Chain.

We also remove unwanted cotton and can re-join Dreads seamlessly WITHOUT any cotton or string at all!

We can NATURALLY round off the ends of your dreads, so they will be strong and won’t unwind.

We prefer to ‘work with’ what your body Naturally produces for your hair to stay healthy. Surprisingly this is ‘Oil’!. Therefore we use and recommend Natural Earth Oils which ‘work with’ the oil your body already naturally produces for your hair.

We have a full range of Beads, Hair Wraps, Shampoos, Tightening Sprays, Dandruff Sprays and Oils.

* We ONLY stock and recommend products that we ourselves use in our own locks.

Ready To Dread?

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